On Pointe’s Family Discount & Referral Program

It’s easy to get your kids started in dance and music, but getting the funds together to cover all of the fees – not always so easy. We’ve worked to create a number of ways for parents to help raise funds to cover class, recital, competition, etc. fees over the years after many of them approached us looking for help.  In addition to fundraisers, student assistant opportunities, and more, On Pointe has a Family Discount and Referral Program.

What is a Family Discount?

Our Family Discount is designed to help in a few ways. First, if a student wants to take both dance AND music classes, it will allow them to get a 10% discount off of their music class. Second, if a student has a sibling that wants to begin a class in either music OR dance, that student will receive a 10% discount on their fees. (Please note: This also applies to parents who want to take a fitness class!)

The Family Discount has a special consideration for larger families also, since it might not be feasible to send all kids to class due to the fees of 2+ students. Families who already have one dancer enrolled that add 1 additional student will receive 10% off that student’s class tuition. Families who have one dancer enrolled that add 2 additional students get 20% off tuition; a 3rd student would equal 30% off tuition, and so on.  Want to learn more about the family discount? Call our office at (810) 678-2903!

What is the Referral Program?

Like most Lapeer County businesses, we find word-of-mouth referrals to our new families is the best way to grow. On Pointe has grown over the years largely due to referrals from our current families, so we created the Referral Program as a way to say “Thanks for trusting us!” while helping with dance tuition.

What do I get for my referral? For every referral to a new dance, music or fitness student that pays their 1st month’s tuition, you will get $5 off that month’s tuition for any single, 45-60 minute class.

Whenever a new student registers for a class, we ask them “How did you hear about us?” Make sure they give us your name, and we will credit the referral to your account on the next month’s invoice.

At the end of the year, the family to bring the most referred business to On Pointe is also given a Barres-n-Blades Gift Card.

Have questions about our Referral Program?  Call (810) 678-2903.

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