Premiere Company Requirements

To view our Official Premiere Company Member Guidelines, please click here to download our sanctioned PDF.

The On Pointe Premiere Company is designed to enhance students’ technique, showmanship, and ability to work with others as well as prepare them for a professional career in dance. We have requirements for a student’s membership in the Premiere Company. Part of this is simply because of the discipline and dedication required in dance. The other part is that students really have to evaluate if dance as a career is something they truly want – and are willing to work hard and fight to achieve.

Some of the expectations we have of Company members include:

*Please note, the official Premiere Company Guidelines document supersedes any information listed below which only acts to highlight some of our requirements.

  • Acceptance into the Premiere Company is upon completion of a successful audition only.
  • A certain age is not a requirement, but skill and demonstrated talent in the audition is.
  • There are specific attendance requirements and they are expected to be adhered to at all costs.
  • Company members treat each other like family. There is no in-fighting or drama allowed in Company.
  • There will be lots of team building and time together outside of training, and ALL Company members are expected to attend any of these types of events (honestly, the better the bond between the company members, the better they dance!)
  • We’re not about the awards or the trophies. We expect that Company members work hard at all times and bring their A game to competitions, but if any dancer comes home empty handed, we expect it will simply make them want to work harder to be a better dancer, not cause upset due to “not winning”.
  • Company isn’t just about training to perform at competitions, its about building one’s self into a better person, into a role model; all Company dancers should demonstrate a Role Model attitude at all times.
  • Company dancers will learn and demonstrate that their membership in Company is about the EXPERIENCE they get as a dancer – experience gained as the team performs together, works together, works for the community, fundraises, participates in community events, etc.
  • Learning how to work hard for dance and as a team towards a common goal is important, but working hard to become a good person is even more important.

Requirements pertaining to Company fees

  • Yes, it’s a big expense. HOWEVER, it’s an INVESTMENT in your child’s training!
  • On Pointe has worked to make it possible to fund your child’s tuition & fees with lots of fundraisers and other options, such as becoming an Assistant Teacher, where we credit their account an hourly rate to go towards any of their expenses, i.e. costumes, tuition fees, competition fees.
  • Payments for Company Fees are expected in a timely manner just as all student dance class tuition. Payment plans for competition: payments spread over 9 months, but are flexible to other arrangements – just ask.

Competition Requirements

  • Company members are required to do two group numbers with Company. Students are invited to do optional dances at competition (such as solos, duos, trios) but these are completely voluntary and students are not required to participate.  If they choose to participate in a voluntary dance, a cost is determined of what it will take to perform those dances at the competition.
  • We do three competitions each year and we keep them all within an hour and a half drive from home. Company members are required to attend ALL competitions pertinent to the requirement above (“required to do two group numbers”.)
  • We attend at least one convention each year where the students take workshops and learn from master teachers. Attendance by Company members is a requirement and convention fees are part of the cost of being in company.
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