The Path to Premiere Company

The Path any student will take to being admitted into On Pointe’s Premiere Company is always a different path but it is never easy. Students have to have respect for their class and have to be present – not just at all of their classes, but mentally and emotionally engaged in the learning of their art. What does that mean? Students have to WORK HARD when they are there, and give it their all, 100% of the time (and trust us, teachers know when that’s not happening!)

What does a student need to do to prepare for Premiere Company?

Students who are determined, or even simply interested, in joining Premiere Company need to be enrolled and engaged in fundamental ballet classes for about two to three years before considering an audition for company (this may be longer or shorter depending on the age, talent level, ability, and technique of the dancer.)

Students also need a consistently demonstrated and extremely solid grasp of basic to intermediate ballet and jazz technique and terminology as well as choreography. They must be able to demonstrate it proficiently as they will be tested on this during Premiere Company auditions. Students are accepted into the Premiere Company by audition only.

What are Premiere Company auditions like?

Auditions for the Premiere Company are conducted once per year with a panel of three On Pointe instructors. As mentioned above, students are expected to demonstrate a strong skill level in multiple dance styles and proficiency in technique, terminology, and choreography. Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary / Lyrical are great fundamental classes to develop the skills necessary for Company, and it doesn’t hurt to take Hip Hop and other ancillary classes to round out a dancer’s skillsets.

Is there anything a dancer can do to push themselves further in preparing for Company?

As mentioned above, adding classes like Hip Hop, Hawaiian, Musical Theater and Acro will help broaden a student’s horizons and make them more flexible, a better performer, and a better asset to the company.


Brianna Wilson, Company Director

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