On Pointe Dance Class FAQ

Have a question and don’t see it listed here? Let us know and we’ll not only help you get an answer, but we’ll add it to this list! Let’s work together so everyone can get the information they need.

When is payment due?

Payments are due the first week of every month.  If payments are made after the 10th of the month, a late fee of $25 is charged to your account and will appear on future statements.

Non-Payment Policy


What holidays is On Pointe closed for?

On Pointe Metamora Follows the Lapeer School District and Oxford follows Oxford Community Schools for the below holidays. The exact dates will be given when known.
Please check Facebook, this website, or Your email to receive updates on class cancellations.
1.    Lapeer School schedule for Christmas and Spring break
2.    Monday after Easter
3.    Wed-Fri of Thanksgiving week
4.    If Dance falls on Halloween there will be no class
5.    Memorial & Labor Day

What class should my student register for?

The best class for your child will depend on a variety of factors.  Some of these include age, previous experience, dance goals, and class preferences.  Recommendations for class placement is based on our professional opinion once we’ve gathered this information from you and your student.  Please stop by during studio hours or call us directly and ask for a class placement recommendation!  Reach the On Pointe office at (810) 678-2903.

What attire is my student expected to wear to class?

As you may know, discipline is a key element for successful dancers of all ages.  One component of a dancer’s discipline is adhering to the expected style of dress and shoes for that type of dance.  This is a common rule in most (if not all) professional dance schools and academies like On Pointe School of Dance.  We are a bit more flexible for our younger students, and require more dress discipline as a dancer progresses. If students are not dressed properly for class, they will not be able to participate.

As you’ll see, the expected style of dress is more strict as dancers grow.  We’re happy to answer your questions and discuss these items with you at any time!  Our official Dress Code for each class is as follows:

Requirements of All Students

Hair tied up & back, bun preferred
No jewelry

Minis (Mini 1A, Mini 1B) & Ballet 1/Tap 1

Pink or black leotard
Ballet skirts permitted if not attached to leotard
Pink tights
Pink leather ballet slippers (specific shoe requirements apply for the safety of your tiny dancer – see front desk for recommendations.)
Black patent leather tap shoes

Ballet Classes

May add ballet skirt and/or dance shorts to dress ensemble when desired.
Pink leather split sole ballet slippers

Tap / Jazz Classes

May add capri dance pants or dance shorts to dress ensemble when desired.
Tap Footwear: Black leather split sole Tap / Jazz shoes
Jazz Footwear: Nude half-boot

Contemporary / Hawaiian Dance Classes

Footless tights
May add capri dance pants or dance shorts to dress ensemble when desired.
Contemporary / Modern Class Footwear:  Undeez or paws
Hawaiian Footwear:  None

Hip Hop Dance Classes

Required footwear will be determined by teacher at start of each class season.

What are the costs associated with the Annual Spring Recital?

Our annual Spring Recitals have variable costs associated in addition to your student’s regular tuition.  These costs vary based upon how many classes your student is enrolled in, how many dances they will be performing, and a variety of other factors.  Please budget the below approximate costs:

  • Recital fee:  $70 – $90 (Based on the number of enrolled students in the family).
  • Costumes:  $60 – $90+ per costume
  • Tickets:  $12 each, able to be purchased online using a special code once June & outstanding tuition fees are paid in full.

Prices accurate as of June 2015 and may be changed before next recital.

What age do you start students?

On Pointe School of Dance offers classes for a variety of age ranges, beginning with our Minis Classes (a combination of beginning ballet and tap).  We register students for this class starting at 2 years of age.

If my student misses a class is there a “make up” class?

This is a great question.  Class attendance is very important, especially as the annual recital approaches, but we understand that absences are often necessary for unavoidable circumstances.  Contact our office directly to inquire about possible make up class options for your student.  (810) 678-2903

Does On Pointe close or cancel classes when schools are closed?

On Pointe does not always follow / close on school snow days. We will email and post on Facebook dance classes are cancelled, so please check there at least 2 hours before beginning of class. Please check your email or our Facebook Page for announcements of studio closings on inclement weather days.

Can payment be made for the entire year?

If payment for the entire year is made up front, half of your last month’s balance will be credited.