Adult Ballet/Jazz Class

This class, which is a crossover combination of fitness and technique for all levels of dancer, is designed to teach adults core elements of ballet, jazz, and tap. There is a strong emphasis on not only technique and terminology but appropriate form to reduce chance of injury and strengthening of the core abdominal muscles for a more powerful center and better balance.

Dance Wear Requirements:

  • Women: Activewear including a tee or tank top and shorts or capris that hit just above or below the knee. Breathable fabric suitable for lots of movement is recommended.
  • Men: Activewear including a tee or tank top and sweatpants or shorts suitable for movement.

Shoes: Split-sole pink or nude leather ballet shoes for ballet and jazz portions of class, and tap shoes preferably with a thick leather heel.

Hair: All hair must be pulled back out of the face. If ponytail is longer than the shoulder blades, the hair must be in a bun. The only jewelry that can be worn in any class is stud earrings.

Dance Class Ballet and Tap 2015

2015 Dance Recital