What is a Fitness Punch Card?

On Pointe has a variety of choices when you enroll is a fitness class.  You can enroll by session (best savings), on a drop-in basis online (great if you have a changing schedule), or through a fitness punch card. Our fitness punch cards are great if you A.) have a busy schedule and want to come to class whenever you are able and B.) want to take different classes for a variety of workout styles.  Fitness punch cards allow you to purchase a set amount of visits to any of our classes, meaning if you purchase 10 punches, you can visit Hip Hop Fit 3 times, Zumba 4 times, and Core Barre 3 times – or any other combination of classes!

How Do Fitness Punch Cards Work?

Punch cards have 10 visits each.  The punch cards must be used within the session when it is purchased, so it’s best to purchase early in a session. Punch cards are stored digitally at the On Pointe front desk – you don’t need to carry one around with you.  You simply come to a class and give your name at the front desk, and we’ll “punch your card” in your account. Punch cards are $75 and we frequently offer promotions for new students to get free punches with purchase!

You can buy a fitness punch card at the On Pointe front desk or by calling our office at (810) 678-2903.

Winter 2019 Fitness Class Schedule

Core Barre - 5:00 - 5:45 PM
Hip Hop Fit - 5:45 - 6:45 PM